Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Camping in Lohan

Last week I went to shoot photos of the paragliders in Lohan Ranau, as I mention in my previous post we do camping near the landing site of the paragliders. Was very lucky with the weather as you can see photo below, my tent has no cover from the rain pheeww..!

My simple tent

Of coz we had a fire to warm up that night. Some of us having a cold beer which is nice.
Camp fire

The night was so calm, all we can hear was the water rushing down the stream near by.
Camp site night shot

Many stars
Night Scene

And the next morning was best. Mist, sunrise and I couln't resist my self to take some shots.
Traveling Mist

Morning mist

It was a nice and definitely going to that again next month. Ciou!

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