Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Photo Assignment: A4s Spa KK Times Square

Recently, me and Wendell did a photo shoot for a new spa at KK Times Square. The new spa was nicely done. We did a re-shoot coz the model they have on the 1st shooting was mmmm.. you'll get it. The second shoot was ok. A lot of rearranging of the place to get the perfect setting. Basically it ate a lot of mine and Wendell's time just for editing. So here is the photos for share.

foot washer

Relaxing 2

massage room

back massage

Head massage

This is where I have to do the 180 degree shot, 12 images stitched together. The sauna room was incredibly small and magically I did it. The photo showing now is nothing like the real thing. you just have to see yourself then you know.
Sauna 1


willy johnny said...

Very very nice shot indeed jo....Lemme know if u need a human tripod on your next assignment...hehe

Keep up my Fren !

Jollence Lee said...

boleh bah kalau ko, jadi pemerhati pun boleh hahaha

T and S said...

You model might have been mumm, but that's what you do in a spa right...and she's beautiful and the golden lighting that you have shot this series in makes everything look so pleasing and irresistible.

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