Thursday, July 23, 2009

Recent trip: Manila

I just got back from recent trip to Manila for the second time, this time I manage to go to the place I didn't go last time. The Ocean park was fun, which I enjoyed much. Most of my images this time was shot with the new D5000. I did a lots of video during this trip, the videos still in progress will be out as soon as I finish putting it together. There was a typhoon on he North of Philippines during that time, rain and strong wind on the second day of the trip.

Mabini street

Me at Quiapo
Taking photos at Quiapo

Candle seller
Candles for goodluck

168 mall
168 mall Divisoria

Ocean Park Manila
Ocean Park Manila

Ocean Park Manila

Nikon Fan
Seen a Nikon fan

Mt. Arayat Pampanga
Mt. Arayat Pampanga


Anonymous said...

maybe you can promote your blog by putting a link while sending email..then more people will know about this JL PHOTOGRAPHY...nice shoots!!

Mell (tsm4) said...

nikon fan... heheh nice one! LOL.

Marka said...

Great colors!

The Nikon Fan was a neat find.

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