Sunday, July 5, 2009

Trip with Hanna & Flemming

Recently I did a tour guiding job for Hanna & Flemming touring around Poring Hotspring and Kinabalu Park. We stayed one night at Kinabalu Mount Heritage Hotel (formerly Perkasa Hotel). The hotel had improved a lot after it change management, several chalet has been built and we stayed in the chalet.
I really had great time with them, Flemming is a journalist who write about cars. He travel to various country to test drive a new cars and write about it. Fantastic job!

Here are some fotos to share with you all.

My balcony

My room that I already mess it up haha!

The naked tree "Tristania sp"

Phylaglathis Eliptica


Marka said...

The view down the valley is incredible! A lush green valley topped by a beautiful blue sky. That's a great photo, Jollence.

sam4605 said...

cantik oo shot chalet perkasa hotel ko ging..

T and S said...

The view from that balcony is beautiful and it seems to be stunning location going by your landscape shot, its a different issue that you make any place look great, thanks to your photography...Thomas

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