Tuesday, October 20, 2009

White Balance for shooting a forest

I've been ask several times, what is the right white balance for shooting in the forest. Here is a sample below.. Whenever I take photograph of forest, I always set my camera's white balance into either direct sunlight, cloudy or shade... depending on the light available that time. The reason why I used mostly warm white balance is because of the green colors of the forest pop out when set to warm white balance. It is also a photographer's preference on which white balance they want to use to portray the photograph mood. Some times using cold white balance can create a very cold feel of the environment and also indicate night scene. It is totally your own personal preference which you experiment first.

Auto White Balance

Direct Sunlight


Derrick said...

Hi Jollence, I'm wondering if you are shooting RAW? Because if you are, I recommend you set WB to Auto and you have much more flexibility with WB setting in post processing..

Jollence Lee said...

Hi Derrick, I am shooting with RAW. I like to get the shots right from the camera rather that fix it later on computer. RAW post processing part is the part that I hated most. I just run batch process on my images. Post process more that 1000 images after the trip is just not my thing. May be different person have their own way but this one works for me.

maslight said...

*eyes twitching at people with gears.

Anonymous said...


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