Saturday, February 27, 2010

Photoshop Workshop: Basic Photoshop for Photographers

We starting to releasing our monthly on filed photography workshop starting March with the photoshop workshop which will be held in Borneo Images Gallery Tanjung Aru Plaza. Place only limited to 8 people for the workshop.

The program:

9am - Introduction of Photoshop and learning the Photoshop tools.
          In this part participant will learn how to use each of the basic tool found in photoshop. 

10am - Break

10.30am - Basic adjustment - In this part, participant will learn the basic adjustment that can be found on the menu to do adjustment of their photos. They will learn how to use Brightness/Contrast, Level, Curves, Hue/Saturation & Shadow/Highlight. They will have an exercise during the tutorial.

12pm - Lunch Break

1.30pm - Understanding Layers - In this session, they will learn how to use layers in their photoshop editing. How to put all basic adjustment they've learn in the morning session in layers. They will do some exercise during this tutorial to batter understand the subject.

2.30pm - Black & White - In this part they will learn how to convert their images into black and white in few different method in photoshop. In this way, they will know how to get the best black and white convertion suitable for their images.

3pm - Image for web use - Participant will learn how to prepare images best for web sharing facebook,  flickr, blog and websites.

3.30pm - Finish. Time for Q&A

Coming soon for Sandakan side for Photoshop workshop!

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