Thursday, February 18, 2010

Photo's Color Profile for Web

Some of you must be wondering everytime you put your photos on web or blog or even on facebook, you see the photo's color does not look like what you have in your computer. This is actually also happen to me while ago, so decided to make a post here just to help to explain others about what is going on.

Ok.. you must have been told by others that when you take photo with your Dslr, make sure you set the color profile to Adobe RGB. The reason for that is, when you bring your photos into photoshop Adobe RGB is much better to work with only if you know what you are doing. 

The Adobe RGB color space is an RGB color space developed by Adobe Systems in 1998. It was designed to encompass most of the colors achievable on CMYK color printers, but by using RGB primary colors on a device such as the computer display. The Adobe RGB color space encompasses roughly 50% of the visible colors specified by the Lab color space, improving upon the gamut of the sRGB color space primarily in cyan-greens.

OK now you have a little idea what is Adobe RGB, now... sRGB is a world standard color profile, internet only use one color profile that is sRGB. sRGB is more vivid and brighter color profile. When you wanna put your photos into the internet make sure you change the color profile from Adobe RGB into sRGB in photoshop before you upload. Refer to screen shot below where to change your color profile.

Click photo to view large

 Now here in a sample of two different color profile of photos.

Adobe RGB

Adobe RGB


Adobe RGB
Fishing Boats Adobe RGB


Fishing Boats sRGB

I know hard to tell the difference in this photos, Sample 1 see hill's green, Sample 2 see clouds and highlight.

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Cede Prudente said...

Always good to learn new techniques..
keep it going, Lance.

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