Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Penang for Nikon workshop with Cede Prudente



Me and Cede was in Penang for Nikon workshop and also for the Bripex Bridal Exibition. Cede did a talk about nature & wildlife photography during the Bripex and also at the Nikon Workshop the next day at Batu Peringgi hotel. I actually had great weekend in Penang. Me and Cede went for dinner with the Nikon Malaysia General Manager. We also had good time going around George Town with James Ling, an assistant manager of Nikon Penang. Getting to know and have dinner with Mr Kia owner of Asadi Footwear is also a great privilage. Now at the Penang International Airport waiting for flight back to Kota Kinabalu. Thanks Penang for the fantastic treat.

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The Giraffe Head Tree said...

This shot is amazing. Talk about being in the right spot at the exact right moment. Breathtaking. Thank you for visiting my blog, btw!

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