Friday, June 4, 2010

How to shot startrails with long single exposure.

Jesselton Point Startrail

Ok as for many request then now decided to make a short tutorial on how to do startrails shot. There are two ways on creating startrails photo, one is a long single exposure and another one is taking dozens of photos of the star and put them together just like a "sandwich".
Right... for this post I'm going to teach you how to do the single long exposure startrails. To start, you need to have a Slr or Dslr camera that can do "Bulb" exposure. To find this on Dslr, just simply switch your camera Mode to Manual and turn the shutter speed dial until you got the "Bulb" word after the 30sec. Aperture you set it between f4 to f6, I do not recommend you to go furture that f6. Set your ISO to the lowest possible like ISO100. Ok.. now that you have the camera setting what you need to do next is to have you camera on a sturdy tripod. Put a cable release on camera.
I always recommend people to shot RAW as you can change the white balance later on computer if you need to change the color temperature. Make sure long exposure noise reduction is on in your camera.
You will have a problem in focusing your lens in the dark so always advisable to bring flash light and shine it to surrounding object and get your camera focus then switch it to manual focus (pre-focus). Before pressing the shutter, make sure you don't get any street light or any light disturbing the lens as later will create flare, use lens hood to cover.
Once everything is set then press the shutter release and lock it.

With the long exposure noise reduction on, it will take the same duration of the exposure to process, which mean.. if you expose the image in 30minute, the camera will take another 30minute to process the long exposure NR then you can see the result image. That why it is important to make sure all setting is correct before pressing the shutter.

Make sure you full charge you camera battery when doing startrail shooting and also important, bring along shooting buddy. It is not good to go alone, beside... it is not boring when you have soemone with you.

Happy shooting!


Marka said...

Thanks for the tutorial. I'll have to try it one of these evenings.

Azahari Reyes @ Jason a.k.a horukuru said...

Yup kekeke nice !

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