Sunday, August 8, 2010

Up coming Landscape Photography Workshop

Ok folks, it has been sometimes since my last updates. Anyway me and John Kong are organizing an advance  landscape photography workshop and it gonna be done in various location around Sabah focusing on what type of landscapes subject. We gonna start with Seascape photography and the location is The Tip Of Borneo. Yes indeed... It might be involve camping but we'll let you guys know about that soon.

Ok... what you will learn from this advance landscape photography workshop?

1. You will learn from the basic things of landscape photography into advance.
2. You will learn how to get the best composition on location.
3. The right Technic of using your photography tools.
4. How to create a sale able photograph.

well among all of these, the most important is to have fun on the trip.

ok another question, is this workshop is the right workshop for me?
This on field workshop is special design for those who already done the basic photography or
know about aperture, shutter, A,P,S & M mode. Our advise is if you still have no clue about your camera setting, you better join the basic photography theory first with our master John Kong. Then go for the advance. There will be another similar trip will be organize in the future so don't worry about missing the trip out. 


Lai said...

good to hear bro! we will wait for ur further infos..thnx!

Girllyen Marcie said...

Ehem ehem.. Hi Mr Jollence, I'm very interested with your plan with Mr John Kong, kindly let me know the information once in place. Thanks & Regards, Girllyen

*sambil ketawa terbahak bahak*

Jollence Lee said...

Borneo images is in a process having its own place for photography classes something like that. We'll notified everyone who interested once it ready.

Cede Prudente said... shot Lance.
A bit more details of Shutter and Aperture would be nice..

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