Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mastering Waterfall mini workshop

This tutorial, I will be showing how to  get  a  fine  print  waterfall  shot. Learn how to overcome highlights and shadows  during the moment you  shoot  with your camera. I also will  be showing on how to get the silky soft effect on the waterfall.

Feng Shui Photos Make It Saleable

Each photos of a waterfall have it Feng Shui value. As a photographer, he or she need to know how to create such images and its an  added  value to the shot that he/she made and make it more saleable.

- Location of the on field workshop is Kionsom Waterfall Inanam.
- Meeting point, Kopitiam Inanam behind KFC at Taipan.
- Time meeting 6.30am,  1st Oct 2010

Camera Dslr, tripod, cable release, polarizer filter or ND filters.

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