Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What happen lately

Ok folks, I had been so lazy updating this blog lately. It is simply because I had been slowing down taking pictures. I sold my D300 camera and leave me only with the new D5100. Yes! It was an impressive camera for an entry level camera. 

Couple of things I like to stress out here, I had stop doing wedding photo assignment. For anyone call me for wedding photo inquiries, I don't do wedding anymore. If you are looking for commercial photographer.. yes I'll do that. I do blog, website designing now. You can look for me if you want to create a website or redesigning it. I'll charge fairly good. Want to create a website for your business.. I do that aswell.

For photography things I will start posting it in my photography website blog at www.jollenceleephoto.com its not much yet in there but you can bookmark it for latest updates from me. Thanks you so much for being a loyal reader of my blog.


David Jr said...

Hi Jollence, wah, web designing! Nice man :) Are you going for the BBF this Oct? Also, since you do Web Design, I do SEO/SEM/SMO as well. Can talk.

Jollence Lee said...

Most likely going for BBF. Web designing is just add-on lah.

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