Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Borneo Kelly Bays

This is the first time I ever set foot on Kelly Bays Area. I used to work at near by resort to the same area but never actually visit the place. The owner of the place ask me to redesign their website which he said not been updated for more than 5 years and some of the activity picture in the web are no longer their offer. Accepting the job means I need new images of the place. Coincidently the Miss Oriental was having a photoshoot session at Kelly Bays and happen to be I'm one of the invited photographer to come and shoot. This is mean that I don't have to look for model or my shoot. I just pick any of the Miss Oriental contestant and do a photoshoot with them. I didn't shoot much of a portrait picture but I shoot mostly highlighting the place together with the model. A photograph that I can use for the website.  Now it is time for choosing the right images for use in the website. 

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