Thursday, April 5, 2012

Recent Photography Workshop

A landscape photography workshop was recently organise at the Borneo Images Gallery and mentor John Kong did the talk/teaching. The workshop was covered specially for basic landscape photography. The participant learn the difference of filters used,  composition and the technique on producing the landscape images.

Later after the class, I took charge of the class for outdoor on field tutorial. We went to Tanjung Aru beach for sunset shooting. I show them how to capture motion and at the same time how to deal with light on the same shot using filters.

This coming 14th April, there will be a photography field trip to Kudat Tip of Borneo for 2 days 1 night joined by me and John Kong and Cede Prudente. Anyone wanted to join this you can find out detail at Borneo Images Website

Get the motion on the shot yet still maintain sharpness on some area.

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