Wednesday, February 26, 2014

How to make your wedding speech.

As a photographer, I heard many wedding speeches made by the grooms, brides and their father. Trust me, this is the part of your wedding day that not to be taken lightly. I've seen a groom that he was so nervous that the only word that could come out was "Thank you for coming" I believe that you don't want to do the same thing. 
Being  a married man I know exactly the feeling when the day is getting closer and closer and you tried to write your speech on a piece of paper but nothing come out of your head. Here is a simple guide if you want to write your own speech. It is best not to write your speech together with your fiance as it will spoil the surprise, but its always better to talk together and figure where your speech direction is.
A long drawn out wedding toasts can put your guests to sleep. If you’re not used to public speaking, practice your speech. The speeches offer an opportunity for family and friends to gain insight into the parties involved and have some light fun.
Here is some list of key point you should consider when making your speech.

Bride’s speech

  • How you and your groom met
  • Thank the Maid of honour and bridesmaids and other
  • Thank your groom’s parents 
  • Thanks your parents 
  • Call for a toast to your groom

 Groom’s Speech

  • Thank the Father of the Bride 
  • Thank your new in-laws for their daughter 
  • Share about your parents and thank them for their support
  • Thank the Guests for attending, their good wishes, and wedding gifts 
  • Thank your Bride (Wife) for marrying you
  • The story of how you met 
  • Thank the organisers and the Bridesmaids who have helped your new wife in the buildup to the day.
  • Thank the groomsmen and the Best Man 
If you decided to get your speech from some example that already been made you get it at speech example. It can be improvise to suit to your situation.

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